Slow and Steady Wins the Race — Folded Arms
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Folded Arms

Shirt reinterprets the silhouette of the standard white shirt through subverting and abstracting the standard roles of its design characteristics of collars, cuffs, buttons, and plackets. Unisex.

Based off the traditional oxford shirt.

Folded Arms. Button fastenings through front. Sleeveless. Sleeves-as-belt detail. Left Breast pocket 

Centre Back: 7" 
Chest: 17"

Centre Back: 8"
Chest: 19" 
Centre Back: 9" 
Chest: 21"

Centre Back: 10"
Chest: 23" 
Centre Back: 10.25"
Chest: 24.75" 

100% Oxford Cotton

Made in New York.

$180.00 USD

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