Slow and Steady Wins the Race — Vestoj Issue 11 : On Everyday Life
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Vestoj Issue 11 : On Everyday Life

The Journal of Sartorial Matters edited by Anja Aronowsky Cronberg

Vestoj On Everyday Life is an exploration of routines, rituals, and repetitions, the many ingenious ways in which the weak make use of the strong...


Vestoj is a research platform and the leading public intellectual in the field of fashion. Founded in 2009, Vestoj examines people’s relationship to their clothes and fashion’s relationship to identity. Vestoj presents fashion knowledge at the highest level, emphasising inclusive and equitable dissemination to a broad and diverse audience. Vestoj expresses complex ideas in a straight-forward manner, and shows that fashion is not only about objects, but rather a mindset and approach to identity, culture and life.

Nick Schonberger, Christina Moon, Daniel Miller, Shamus Khan, Johannes Lenhard, Michelle Millar Fisher, Ann Rosalind Jones, Hazel Clark, Alla Eizenberg, Avery Trufelman, Tom Jeffreys, Eran Dorfman, Ruby Hoette, Ae-ran Kim, Maayan Goldman, Stig Dagerman

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