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Hindsight Is Twenty20 | Digital only

Hindsight Is Twenty20

100% proceeds go to support Arlington Food Assistance Center, International Rescue Committee, and NRDC.

"Welcome to the age of uncertainty. Every day, every week, every month, the stakes change. Yesterday we had no problem meeting a friend for dinner at a restaurant — we are vaxxed and boosted and careful! — and today all your plans are cancelled and you’ve put in enough research on local testing sites to qualify for a phD. This isn’t “tHe NeW nOrMaL,” it’s just life."

Remember fun? Slow and Steady Wins the Race does. And more importantly, they’d like to share it, with the publication of Hindsight Is Twenty20, an interactive story that harks back to the kinds of books that filled our childhoods with excitement and wonder.

Written by Diego Hadis, Nathan Tsoi, Mary Ping

Read it multiple times, each read is different.

Design by Studio Lin

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