Slow and Steady Wins the Race — Pearl T-Shirt
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Pearl T-Shirt

Luxe is Slow and Steady Wins the Race’s introductory dialogue on luxury goods and design.

T-shirt embroidered with pearl beads. 

P: centre back 20cm/8in chest 45cm/17.75in

S: centre back 21cm/8in chest 48cm/19in

M: centre back 22cm/8.75in chest 51cm/20in

L: centre back 22.5cm/8.75in chest 53cm/20.75in

Duchesse Satin and Pearls

Made in New York. Contact us for additional or custom sizes. 

$3,500.00 USD

  • M
  • Oyster
  • Duchesse Satin and Pearls
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